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Our Organization

Yang Maha Mulia Raja Permaisuri Tuanku Siti Bainun binti Mohd Ali
YBhg Dato' Dr. Kamaruzaman Ali
YB Dato' Yong Khoon Seng
Vice Presidents
Dr. Lilian Hong Yih Chieng
Vice Presidents
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YBhg Datuk Dr. Raj Karim
Vice Presidents
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Ms Yeap Meng Chee
Vice Presidents
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Dr. Philip Kho Thong Kwong
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Dr. Kamal Kenny
Vice Chairman
Mr Ong Lay Seong
Honorary Secretary-General
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Mr Krishnan
Honorary Treasurer-General


Ms Syirin Junisya Mohd Ali
Executive Director
Ms Li-Lina Wu
Head of Adminisstration, Finance & General Services
Ms Rabiatul Badariah bt Bazeer Ahmad
Senior Officer, Programme Services
Ms Nur Eldzariah Idma Mohamed Ridzuan
Senior Officer, Community Education and Training
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Ms Suriana Adanan
Evaluation and MIS Officer
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Ms Kavitha Sukumaran
Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health Officer
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Ms Siti Fatimah Mohd Shakri
Media and Publications Officer
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Ms Vimala Rajah Kasinathan
Office Assistant
Ms Komala Gunasekaran
Finance and Supplies Assistant
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Mr. Azmi Mohd Kadri
General Clerk / Driver


Pioneering Volunteers

Family Planning was first introduced in the Federation of Malaya in 1935 by two early pioneers, Ms Margaret Sanger, the Founder of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and Ms Edith Howe of the United Kingdom.



Dr. A E Duraisamy

In 1938, the late Dr. A E Duraisamy, then a government obstetrician, convinced and mobilized a group of concerned women and two members of the medical fraternity, set up a Family Planning Committee to provide family planning advice to couples especially women of child-bearing age.

Mrs. Sophia Majeed

The late Mrs. Sophia Majeed, who later became the first Vice-President of the Federation of Family Planning Associations of Malaya, devoted a large part of her life as a volunteer traveling from village to village, educating village folks on importance of family planning/planned parenthood.

Volunteers of FRHAM and State MAs

All volunteers, both past and present, through their unselfish devotion, sacrifices, wisdom and professional expertise, have contributed in advocating, promoting and enhancing family planning, sexual and reproductive health and responsible parenthood as a way of life for all Malaysians.


Today, all our Officials, National Council members, Committee members, Honorary Officials, State Executive Committee members, as well as field educators, are volunteers.  They are involved in advocacy, networking, policy formulation, programme development and management, provision of services, and resource generation, including income generation.




FRHAM Outstanding Volunteers

The FRHAM Outstanding Volunteer Award was accorded as a special tribute to those who have made significant contributions to FRHAM and/or State MAs.  The recipients of the awards were:



YBhg Puan Sri (Mrs.) Rosalind Y. C. Foo
YABhg Toh Puan (Mrs.) Catherine Tan Siew Sin
Dr. Thomas Ng Khoon Fong
YBhg Datin Dr. Joan Labrooy
Mr. Chan Pik Kwang
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YBhg Puan Sri Datin Zaidah Bte Dato' Abu Bakar Baginda
2006 (Special Award)
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Dr. M. N. G. Majumder
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YBhg Dato' Ursula Thomas Dumpangol
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Dr. Loo Kim Eng
Dato' Dr. Rusli Hussain
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Dr Stephen Wong Khuang Ming